Residential Services

Review our vast knowledge of residential roofing services

Whether it is a re-roof, new roof, repair or modification, we will prepare a value added design and educate the homeowner with a variety of roofing solutions so they can make the right choice for their project. Pacific Roofing Systems is your local roofing source proudly serving our SoCal customers.

Design and Consultation

In addition to our standard roofing services, we also provide Value Added Design services. Pacific Roofing Systems is proud to offer our customers the benefit of our knowledge in the roofing industry. We will take the time to understand your needs and provide you money and time saving solutions for your particular project.

  • Value Added Design Services
  • Evaluation of current design and materials selections
  • Value Added Engineering during installation to save you money
  • Design and Consultation on Architectural Sheet Metal Projects

Go Green with Solar

Save money and the environment with installing a solar panel system on your business or residence. We work with solar installation companies to help guide you through the process of installing a solar system utilizing your existing roofing materials, saving you even more money.

Take advantage of tax rebates when you install a Solar System on your home or office.

Berridge Vee Panel Wall System on new residential construction in Beverly Hills, CA
Boral Concrete Tile Roof Application in Cota de Caza, CA
Berridge Corrugated S Deck Wall Panel System on new condo project in Venice Beach, CA
Solar Modification on Spanish Tile Roof System in Anaheim, CA
Solar Modification on Aluminum Roof System in Fullerton, CA